Hohner Blues Harp MS F

Hohner Blues Harp MS F, Richter-harmonica

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Richter-harmonica • Toonsoort: F • Stemming: Majeur • Aantal Stemtongen: 20 • Uitvoering deksel: RVS • Body materiaal: Hout (Doussie) • Materiaal rietplaat: Messing • Materiaal Rietplaat: Messing • Dikte rietplaat: 0,9 mm • Lengte: 10,5 cm • Bijzonderheden: Modulair systeem • Accessoires: Instrument doosje • Blues Harp from Hohner in C major The most popular Richter model. Wooden comb, replaceable brass reed plates, affixed with screws. Bright, powerful sound. Available in all major keys. The world´s first harmonica designed especially for Blues, the Blues harp features a wood body for natural tone, powerful reeds for deep, gutsy note bending and sturdy covers that allow air-tight hand control. Diatonic Single Reed Models These models include some of the most popular harmonicas and are used in Blues, Folk, Country, and Rock. All feature reeds that are tuned to produce the natural notes of the scale without any additional sharps and flats. Most are 10-hole instruments with the 4 middle holes comprising a complete 8-note octave, and the holes an either side extending the scale and permitting chord playing. These models are capable of producing the expressive effects of bending and overblowing. Features: 10 single holes 20 reeds, Length: 4 in.